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The right running posture

In fact, running is very damaging to the knee and posture is critical. As each step is taken while running, the knees are under 7 times the weight, the quadriceps are under 4 times the weight, and the soles are 3 times the weight. Medical experts pointed out that when the knees move forward, the normal movement of the knee, the largest contact between the sacrum and the femur, the force can be evenly distributed, but if the wrong posture, especially for the pursuit of speed, will increase joint pressure, and even make the humerus ectropion or Internal rotation accelerates cartilage wear on the contact surface. This will not only affect future running, but even walking and going up and down stairs will become problems.

Bad posture:

1. The body leans back and struggles forward when striding forward;

2. The heel strikes the ground, the whole leg is straight, increase the impact strength of the knee, and can't mobilize the weight of the thigh muscle, and increase the knee pressure in disguise;

3. Take a big step. The body center of gravity is farther away from the supporting foot. The quadriceps requires more effort to maintain the balance of the body and increase the degree of pulling of the tendons and hip joints.

Correct posture:

1. Lean forward to provide assistance for advancement and save labor

2. knee flexion, easy to mobilize the thigh muscles, share the pressure, and play a buffering role, while increasing the contact area of the tendon, femoral joint, is conducive to the average distribution of pressure and reduce friction;

3. Run in small steps, so that the body's center of gravity is closer to the support foot. The quadriceps do not need to use too much force to maintain the body's balance, and the tendons and hip joints are less pulled.
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